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     With the modern and magnificent decor, the elegant and quiet environment, surrounding by the aquarium, the lobby bar on the first floor creates a romantic warmth sense of space for gentle guests. This bar serves the guests a hot drink or a dessert and makes the guests to enjoy the cocktail over the graceful tweedle and the coffee over the soft music. The flickering light of candles and nocturnes adds romantic feeling to the environment. With a quiet and elegant atmophere, the lobby bar is of all times the best place for the pastime and offers good service for business meeting.
       The bath center has cozy lounges, bathrooms and a unique drink bar where you will be served with your favorite drink at any time.
      The gym offers professional gymnastic apparatus and sports area. It is an ideal place for you to improve physical fitness.
      The outdoor tennis court, golf driving range, indoor badminton hall, and swimming pool, provide you with a best place of sport, leisure and entertainment. You can enjoy your journey and life.

      Runtian Hotel YES discount-style KTV is open to consumer gro-ups with fashion, health and vitality and brings people initiative by its design style of modern, simple and clear. With the combination of top-class audio equipment, HD digital TV, the LCD touch screen VOD system and fifteen kinds of rooms, KTV reveals a unique and elegant quality.

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